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    Serving clients in Highland, IL and throughout the surrounding areas in Madison, Bond, Clinton, & St. Clair Counties.

  • Dealing with family problems? Worried about your estate if something happens? It’s time to call a local lawyer for estate planning and family law services that has the knowledge needed to help you navigate these tricky legal situations. I provide legal representation for people in Highland, IL and throughout the surrounding communities of Madison, Bond, Clinton, and St. Clair Counties. As a locally owned firm, I take pride in serving our neighbors with essential legal advice that helps them in a variety of situations. With years of experience and a detail-oriented approach, know that you’re making the right choice for your legal needs!

  • Our Legal Services

    Those in the Highland, IL area know that I am the one to call for all their legal needs. In fact, they know our attorney will sit down with them, in-person, to discuss their needs and recommend a course of action that will bring about the best possible solution. Additionally, I deal with a wide range of topics including the following:

    • Family Law
    • Divorce
    • Separation
    • Custody
    • Allocation of Parental Responsibilities
    • Child Support
    • Paternity Cases
    • Alimony
    • Prenuptial Agreements
    • Postnuptial Agreements
    • Adoption
    • Guardianship
    • Mediation
    • Divorce Mediation
    • Business Mediation
    • Probate and Estates
    • Estate Planning
    • Wills
    • Powers of Attorney
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  • From adoption to divorce and everything in between, I am qualified to help your family navigate these legal situations.

  • Our skilled attorney will guide you through the mediation process from beginning to end, keeping you in mind throughout.

  • Will your wishes be carried out if something happens to you? I provide probate and estates services for you and our family.

  • Is your estate taken care of should something happen to you? I make estate planning easy with wills and more.

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