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Estate Planning for Highland, Illinois and the Surrounding Community

Are all your affairs in order for when your time comes? Here at Kovach Law PC, I help my clients ensure that everything is taken care of once they pass. One of the first things that can be created to help this process is your last will and testament. Once it is created, you can branch out to include trusts to avoid probate issues while setting everything up. It is my goal to make this complicated process as easy as possible for your trustees and family members. It is always a difficult time when a loved one or friend passes, and things do not need to be harder than they already are. Please, for the relief of your friends and family, get your affairs in order before it is too late.

Last Will and Testament for Highland, IL

What happens to your possessions after you pass on? You can prepare ahead of time by writing your last will and testament. Your will is a map that tells your family and friends how you want your possessions to be dispersed. This legal document is to be followed through by the family members and friends of the deceased. What can a will be used for?

  • Provide instruction for the care of pets
  • Name guardians for children
  • Name caretaker for the property
  • Decide the payment of debts and taxes
  • Serve to substantiate a living trust
lawyer helping elderly couple plan out their will/estate - Highland, IL


A trust can be placed in conjunction with your will or be used in place of the will you created. What happens in a trust is you, the trustor, pass legal ownership of the property to be entrusted to a trustee. The trustee then can be compensated for following the instructions left on your trust and managing it. This is not a simple process and many of these trusts must be settled in court.

Here at Kovach Law, setting up a trust can be tricky and complicated. Please call on my expertise, and we can create a trust that is as simple or thorough as you would like it to be. If you need to re-work a prior trust that no longer suits your needs, let me assist you.

lawyer helping elderly couple plan out their will/estate - Highland, IL

Probate Administrator for Highland, IL

Once a person has passed on, a probate manager is named to effectively manage the end-of-life documents for that individual. This can include filing the paperwork that is needed for your trust, overseeing the reading and execution of your will, awarding the property you left behind, and more.

If you would like our help serving as your probate manager, please call Kovach Law, PC, with any questions that you may have, and we can begin the process.